Say goodbye to gravity
Say goodbye to sanity

A ray of hope
Down to the wire
(Gone, gone)
Hand me a match
This is a story about fire

One by one
We sacrificed our pawns
For our queen
To play her way
Rooks and knights
Built a solid wall
For her protection

One by one
We couldn’t go on
To keep the balance between
Madness and affection
Our queen enchanted everyone
Fatal play
One night
Our queen just walked away

Everytime we managed to calm down again
You returned with more poison
Everytime we managed to navigate a while
You filled our souls with more outrage

When the sirens broke down
We were still here
Igniting more fires
To burn down every

When the towers collapsed
You whispered my name
Princess of fire
I do remember you

Darkness comes
At nightfall
This place is quiet and abandoned
Smoke and ember
Attest to what we had
Now checkered wasteland

One by one
We sacrificed our pawns
To please our queen
Fulfill her desire
Our walls have fallen
Treasures stolen
Our queen is long long gone
And I dream of fire

Dragonsbane Tribute

Nobilis Draconic