Nobilis Draconic


A Wiki Left Untouched,

Well, I kinda let the wiki go. It's been over a year since our campaign started, and it's coming up on a year since we left off our entries. For the record, the campaign was a success!

I regret not properly chronicling the events of our world, but rest assured the ending was most epic. Our adventurers completed the story in their mid-paragon tiers.

This isn't the end of the setting, though. I have an upcoming prequel campaign in the works (using AD&D rules) that will also have some plot hooks that later get tied into the heroes return as Epic-level characters,

In the mean time, I'm going to return to this quaint little wiki and attempt to clean up the backstory (Yes, I ramble) as well as update it with the events that had transpired during our campaign.




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