Ancient Times

In the ancient times, dragons ruled the skies of creation and were revered by the races of the world as Gods. Back then the world was different, and the face of the planet was warped by the flux of primal, divine and arcane powers pouring into it. The Dragons, being very diverse and very proud, often waged brutal feuds and sought to claim creation for themselves.

Legend has it that in those distant times, the platinum dragon Bahamut took pity upon the race of Man. Often man was herded and abused by the various dragon races—forced into servitude, obedience, and battle as agents of their cruel masters.

Bahamut took it upon himself to rescue and save man, fighting off his rivals and protecting his chosen as he lead them to distant lands, far away from the wages of war that others of his kind would instigate.  In time, he would also assist the other sentient races and would receive the attention of distant Gods, as they watched from the planes and acknowledged his sacrifice to protect even their chosen races.

For you see, at this time in history, no Gods claimed man, nor showed any pity for them. But as they observed they came to notice how Bahamut’s teachings and patience began to mold the race of savages and scoundrels into a sophisticated society. Unfortunately, this also attracted the attention of more sinister forces.

The Betrayal of Bahamut

The Second Age of Darkness

A Light of Hope


The Empire

Ancient Times

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