Collapse of Order

The final centuries of the first millennium of the Dragonsbane Empire would be an era of consequence. The bloodline of Emperor Malith would continue to impose a tyrannical rule on the Platinum Throne, with each of his descendants continuing the traditions of fear and hysteria about the looming Chromatic threat.

Despite the best efforts of their appointed chaplains and inquisitors, the growing menace of the cults of Tiamat would never cease spreading terror amongst the citizens of the Empire. Meanwhile, reports to The East from the various pioneer colonies reported growing bands of Orcs, Goblins and other terrors baring the mark of Tiamat and her legions and raiding the various settlements.

The Ivory Spires would become lit up as invading armies began to raid the gates of the Dwarfen kingdoms from not only the surface, but from bellow their dark and deepest catacombs. Even the Eladrin at this time would begin to take notice dark, menacing storms brewing much farther West than their kingdoms as well as a perilous darkness forming in the depths of the distant seas.

Intrigued by the surrender and peaceful capture of the Erathis cults, diplomats from the Fey kingdoms had pleaded before the Throne to not inflict torture, execution or any harm towards them. Instead, they had offered a small cluster of islands on the fringes of their lands as “penal colonies,” where the Eladrin offered to keep a constant guard. Though reluctant, the Emperor at the time was often easily persuaded in favor of the Fey Kingdoms and their demands, as he feared the repercussions of angering the ancient races.

In the decades that followed, the stability of civil order would begin to decay and erode. Entire city governments would be backlogged, misused and subject to corruption. Politicians and advisers to the Throne would become more and more greedy, worrying less about the greater good of the Empire and more about obtaining their own power. Many would even spread rumors and lies and play off the Chromatic Scare to levy them a position over their rivals.

It wouldn’t be long before true chaos erupted in the Empire. Riots would break out in the Cities and the Capitals of nation. Governors and generals would begin massive skirmishes against one another over petty disagreements. It had become clear to many that for far too long, the Empire had focused its efforts on the wrongfully accused; all the while the cults of Tiamat would flourish in the terror, and would even become more violent, public and brutal with their killing sprees.

Collapse of Order

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