Rebellion and Unification

Argus Wyrmblade, a Master General of the Dragonborn Elite, would stand by and witness the horrors of the Empire collapsing. He would order his soldiers to retreat from the cities and return to the Monasteries and independent states where they trained, and stand down their arms. Those who argued were informed “Our God, our creator Bahamut had given us a duty: to serve and protect his children, whom no other God would claim. We will not be dragged into their squabbles to fight one another! Instead, we should be figuring out how to keep them from endangering themselves. If you wish to fight, head to Monolith and ensure the fortifications stand there.”

With that, he took a dozen of his own elite, and sailed for the Fey Kingdoms of Ael’Yun. There he had pleaded for a secret diplomatic meeting with the Eladrin nobles. They responded that they would grant him his request upon one circumstance: that it would occur on Sal’Yandri, the islands that had served as the penal colony for the Erathis cultists.

It had been almost two generations since they were banished from the Empire, and to Argus’ surprise he came to the small island cluster to find a stoic paradise of civilized people. He marveled their architecture as well as the routine of the commoners working around the islands. When the High Priestess of the Goddess Mechanus finally gave him and the Eladrin nobles an audience, he began his plead.

Argus humbly acknowledged to the High Priestess that in the time since their exile, the great society of the Empire had fallen into turmoil. He explained the current state of affairs and the corruption he had witnessed, and explained that no longer did he feel content inflicting harm upon the populace that he was born to protect. The High Priestess explained that in order for the Empire to be rebuilt, there would need to be a great change that she knew her and her people could not bring about.

After hearing the details of the behaviors of the Imperial Authority, she alluded their actions to those being very similar to the Dragons who had once betrayed his God, whom he had sworn to protect his people from. Argus at first was insulted, and valiantly stated that the actions the Priestess was hinting towards went against the very code he stood for. She replied, however, that his duty was that of Dragonsbane, and that now the Dragons have already begun to win the war.  “At the rate the Empire is going, it will not be Tiamat or her armies to The East that end it, but those men who bare the many faces like that of Tiamat, who have turned into Dragons in spirit.”

Argus’ Stand

When Argus returned to the Empire, he went before his Dragonborn Elite, and ordered them to pick up arms once more. He would not tell them the nature of his mission, only that he asked them to have faith in his command and faith in Bahamut that what they did was necessary for the good of the Empire. They marched to the Capital, in grand spectacle, and stoically he marched up the stairs of the courts. He approached the Platinum Throne, where sat the young emperor, Malith the Seventh. Argus approached, and informed him of his visit to the Fey Kingdoms, and the council he had with their nobles and the High Priestess of Erathis. He pleaded with the Young Emperor, asking him to revoke the decrees his ancestors had made that had plunged the Empire even further into chaos. He begged for him to allow the followers of Erathis to return and reinstate their position, to bring back Order and Progress. The Emperor, it seemed, was not amused.

“What you have spoken to me, is heresy. What you have done, is treason. Do you forget, General Wyrmblade, that the orders of Ulwris was for you to be in service of the Emperor?”

Argus snorted, his fist tightening his spear and gripping his shield. “No sir, it is to be loyal in the service of the Empire.”

Emperor Malith the Seventh would rise, yelling for the guards to stop his killer. The Dragonborn who guarded the throne looked away as their General ran his point through. A few of the court members screamed out in horror as the Emperor fell to his knees, bloodied, and passing. The guards would unsheathe their blades and snarl towards them, and Argus would exchange glances with each one, and then yell out “Go back to your Nations, Your States and Your Homelands. Let them know on this day, our promise is kept. Let them know the Platinum Throne is open; but anyone who feels they are fit to take it will have to get through those who are sworn to protect it. Anyone who opposes my words will meet me on the Battlefield.”

Unrest and Unification

The events closing out the first Millennium are scattered into the sands of history. It was a troubled time as many of the nations and states of the Empire, whom only weeks before hand were fighting amongst each other in rivalry, attempted to team up and make a push towards the capital cities in an effort to claim the platinum throne. As promised, the Dragonborn Elite and the loyal, faithful militants of Bahamut would hold them back and protected the throne. As promised, a Dragonborn would never take the seat or claim the Empire for themselves. With every battle was a great defeat against the Dragonbane. With every defeat was another city liberated from its corrupted warlords and taken back for the Empire. In time, those who were left either fled to the East, or surrendered their arms to the armies of Argus.

On the 1,000th anniversary of The Empire, on the first day of the Calendar year, Empress Kallene the First, also known as Priestess Kallene of the Goddess Mechanus and Head Architect of the Cult of Erathis, took the Platinum Throne. Serving her was General Argus Wyrmblade, head commander of the Draconic Elite and War Marshall of the Church of the Platinum Faith. It was decreed on this year that the newly reformed and unified Empire would no longer enforce an official religion, but would instead ask of its citizens loyalty and service in the pursuit of progress and Order; and to unite against the tyranny of Tiamat and her followers.

Rebellion and Unification

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