The First Few Hundred Years

The first couple of centuries for the Platinum Throne consisted of a balancing act of establishing order and progress within the borders of the nation; Meanwhile, also maintaining a strong military on the Eastern borders at Monolith. Even after the Dragons great retreat and scorching of the lands now known as Wastelands, the constant fear and uncertainty about the possibility of a surprise attack by the armies of Tiamat would not burn out in the psyche of Humanity. Many militaristic states within the Empire felt it was necessary to continue advancement into the Wastes, to push back until they were assured that the Dragons would no longer return.

Eventually though, it was decided by the rulers of the Platinum Throne to maintain focus on the nations they had and to build their empire across these lands before worrying about expansion. But focusing on the home fronts would prove to be more of a daunting task than anticipated.

In the mid Second Century EC, the various cultures within the Empire would see an increase in various faiths and cults devoted to the Gods who have now taken an interest in Man after seeing how Bahamut “civilized” them. While Bahamut was still the primary God and patron of the Empire, small communities would start to worship and pray to various Gods and Goddesses that affected their interests. City states would start to see cabals of Erathis and Ioun; while outlying trade hub communities would often see small temples to Sehanine and lip service to Avandra. The more Warrior states could be heard with cries to Kord while the more mountainous natives would come to know the Dwarfen god,and ally of Bahamut, Moradin.

The Zeal of an Empire

The various faiths were tolerated fairly. But many of the loyal Dragonborn soldiers, as well as the champions and heroes who pledged their lives and training to Bahamut and the Empire, began to grow troubled by those who no longer paid full tribute to the God who had claimed Humanity when no other gods would. Many generals and scholars would begin petitioning the courts of the Platinum Throne to preserve the faith that had established its rule.  Before the Fourth Century EC, Emperor Malith the Second (whom would go down in history as Malith the Zealot) would establish the Imperial Church of the Platinum Faith, and declare it the official faith.

Under his orders, and enforced by the deployment of hundreds of Dragonborn Elite, he ensured by heavy handed force that every community, from village to city, had an established place of worship. He would also declare new laws that enforced mandatory days of prayer, making it illegal for any commerce and business to occur on these days.

Towards the end of his reign, Malith would even require various universities and scholarly institutions (even of the Arcane) to require studies and prayers aligned with the Church. While this obviously lead to many upset within the Academic institutions, it did noticeably increase interest towards the Imperial armies as well as the militaristic chapters of the Clergy as young pupils heeded the call to defend Order and Law.

Still, there were far many more who were displeased with the belittlement – and even bullying – of their faith from the authorities of the Throne as well as the “draconic breeds” that were supposed to be man’s watchdogs and protectors, not shepherds and keepers.

The First Few Hundred Years

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