The History of the Empire

An Overview of the Lands of the Realm

For a thousand years, The Platinum Throne has sat at the center of The Dragonsbane Empire. When Cameron the First, a high priest of Bahamut and loyal servant of the armies of the Dragon Ascended, took the Throne in Year 0 EC (Emperial Calendar), the nations of man were merely a loose alliance of various tribes, clans and the occasional City State that only shared with each other a faith in Bahamut, and a distrust of Tiamat.

The lands they claimed were the valleys, plains and rolling hills that resided west of the Ivory Spires (a mountainous region that serves as a natural barrier to the West, with a low valley in the center that serves as the Gateway.)

Within the Ivory Spires, which surround and engulf the borders of the western lands, various Dwarfen kingdoms were formed during the first reign of Bahamut and the nations of man. After the Betrayal, the Dwarfs were enslaved by sinister Wyrms who forced them to labor in the depths of the mountains until the return of Man and the coming of the Dragon Ascended aided them in raising a rebellion. Upon the formation of the Empire, the Dwarfen kingdoms had formed a pact with the human nations to assist on the Watch of the East, lending whatever aide they can in ensuring that any further assaults from the Wastelands would be met with full force. In exchange, the Empire agreed to let the kingdoms be and not be involved in any feuds or politics they engage in amongst themselves.

In the valley separating the Ivory Spires lies the massive settlement known today as Monolith. Named from the towering structure that was built over the tomb of the Dragon Ascended, and lit up as both ”...a beacon and a warning,” Monolith serves as both a massive military fortification as well as a trade center and a gate way. Beyond Monolith lies various fringe towns and pioneer settlements that wish to expand past The West, and seek out across the Wastelands for any relics, resources or signs of the fate of the Dragons. Many head out to these fringe towns to strike it rich; others experience the worst nightmares ever dreamt as they’re assaulted nightly by the horrors that prowl the Wastes.

Stretching to the Far West, the hills and valleys begin to change to Coastal plains, and eventually end at the coast before the Seas of Ael’Yun, named after a queen of the Fey kingdoms. A few days sailing beyond the coast reaches an island chain and a few land masses that are home to the Eladrin. According to their own legends, at the time of Bahamut’s fall they had escaped beyond the seas following the lure of a beautiful paradise that called to their kind.

And in the southern lands, the Elves of the forests known as The Raging Wylds have kept mostly to themselves, with the exceptions of the younger ones who acquire the Wanderlust in their young adult life. Very few Kingdoms are kept in the Wylds; Instead, many tribes and communal villages claim the hidden depths of the chaotic woods. This isn’t to say the Elves are savage and non civilized; their culutre is merely a result to thousands of years of adaptation to the constantly shifting and always transforming forests and even jungles of the Raging Wylds.

The History Lessons

The First Few Hundred Years
The Chromatic Fear
Collapse of Order
Rebellion and Unification

The History of the Empire

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