Nobilis Draconic

Bringing it Back

Cleaning it up and casting ressurection

Just letting anyone following my ol’ 4E campaign know I’m back to work on it, and will be kicking it off again pretty soon.

Right now, I’m going through and cleaning up the background information and trying to make the whole thing easier on the eyes. Originally, all of the writing on here was slapped together incognito at my former job, without spell checking or proof reading. I figured it was enough for getting my setting ideas across.

Now, when the campaign is over a year old and neglected on here, I look back cringing. It’s not fair to it at all. This was a campaign we have many epic stories told from, and many more left unfinished to find out. If anything, cleaning the sucker up gives me a refresher course over the world I’ve spent many nights behind a screen running.

My current goals for this campaign page:

->Finish editing, cleaning up and revising the back history.
->Update setting information based on the events of the last campaign.
->Post important tie-in information. This was my first 4E campaign, and at the time that I wrote a lot of this, we were very new sans prior RPG experience and new nothing of the “core setting” implied in 4th Edition. Over the year of gaming, we adopted a lot of it into our world.
->Update maps, location descriptions, at least minimal info.

Long Term Goals:
->Update the setting 20 years, both for the conclusion of the old PC’s tale and to set the stage for the next campaign.



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