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Long awaited update

Woops….has it been a month since I updated this wiki? Shame on me! To be honest we took a small break from our D&D campaign in order to finish my friend's Hunter: The Vigil chronicle. Now that the world is saved (and my hunter's a ghost after being eaten alive by Zombies preventing the apocalypse) I can flesh out my world a bit more for you guys!

Also, a while back Tock added to his journal:

Chapter 6: Illusion

There is more to be told but Mortbane has been busy with her finals and her Guild Wars art contest….but hey! Next gaming session is tonight, so hopefully we'll get everything caught up over here!

Tock's Journals: Chapters 2-5

Mortbane continues the in-character journal of Tock and his adventures along with the other characters of my campaign.
In this digest of posts, Tock reveals the events of the previous couple nights as they learns the nature of the Eggs, as well as the dark nature of the girl they rescued.

Chapter 2: The Message

Chapter 3: Bad Girls

Chapter 4:  Secrets

Chapter 5: Hands

Mort's Intro & Tock's Journal
The Story Begins

Mortbane has posted two very cool introductory Blog posts about the campaign! Her first post gives an introductory perspective from the players as we approach the new edition of D&D:

This week begins our real game.   After a successful two-night trial of 4e, my gaming group has decided that with the proper equipment, this edition is actually very fun.
Read the rest here.


After that, she gave us a full in-character retelling of the events of the adventure; as well as some insight into her gender-bending Gnomish Wizard, Tock (aka Lola).

Greetings, stranger, my name is Tock.  That is what you may call me today.  My friends know me as their unstable gnome wizard companion, but everything I do serves a purpose.  Even if I do not know that purpose yet, my lady Sehanine does not let me down.  My orders come to me daily through a deck of cards.  Some days you may know me as Lola, some days I am vengeful and torturous, others I am quite calm and carry out executions without a hint of emotion.  These are the faces I have shown in the town of Woodwell this week.

Read the rest of the journal entry here.



Getting things going...
A Blog for the Campaign

First off, I'd like to welcome any outside readers to my Obsidian Portal page for my D&D 4E Campaign! I'm still developing a lot of the world (and there's a lot already developed that I just haven't gotten around to posting yet.

The blog will feature a sort of "mixed bag" of things. For starters, I will probably be posting and linking to Mortbane's Blog as she writes both in-and-out of character blog posts about the campaign. I'll also be posting some general "behind the scenes" stuff as my campaign unfolds, as well as campaign updates from sessions and other things.

Thank you for taking the time and stopping by!


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